First six weeks of school

School started July 17th and it has been a whirlwind! All Peace Corps Indonesia Volunteers work at either a high school or middle school and compared to many other Peace Corps posts, our time is relatively structured. I work Monday - Friday, from roughly 7 am till roughly 5 pm. The first few weeks have… Continue reading First six weeks of school


Postscript on “Betah di sini?”

Remember when I wrote about telling a man he was rude for calling a woman fat? (You can catch up here.) Turns out I was right. He was being a jerk and I was right to call him out. The woman I mentioned is a fellow English teacher and reads my blog! Last night I got… Continue reading Postscript on “Betah di sini?”

What teaching English in Indonesia looks like

For the last two weeks of Pre-Service Training all of the volunteers have been scattered around Kediri teaching in various high schools and middle schools for practicum. We are given the opportunity to take everything we learn during PST about both how to teach, but also how Indonesian schools operate, and apply it before we… Continue reading What teaching English in Indonesia looks like