Postscript on “Betah di sini?”

Remember when I wrote about telling a man he was rude for calling a woman fat? (You can catch up here.) Turns out I was right. He was being a jerk and I was right to call him out. The woman I mentioned is a fellow English teacher and reads my blog! Last night I got this text from her:

I’ve read your newest post in your blog and i just wanna say thank you for saving my face😊many times i always ignore older people who criticize my body.  Yeah they just wanna make fun of me coz they think it will not hurt me. But at the time u just straightly said tidak sopan [not polite] and i was like yeayyyy finally there is someone who defended me☺☺☺ -Bu Iis

Sometimes I can use my bule privilege (foreigner privilege) for good! And I’m not wrong. All of the unwelcome comments about your appearance are not necessarily polite, even if sometimes people say they are.


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